About Us

Luke PonsetiFor decades, Luke Ponseti has been in the business of selling shoes. It's a business he learned from his father, Jack, who founded Ponseti's Shoes in 1965. Recognizing that SAS Shoes offered better fitting, more comfortable shoes made entirely in the USA from the highest quality materials, Jack Ponseti established an SAS shoe store in Clearview Mall in 1976. Luke carries on the tradition today, sparing no effort to insure the perfect match of customer and SAS shoe.

Luke's philosophy has been the old-fashioned one of giving individual attention to every measurement and fit, and it has resulted in customers who remain loyal from one generation to the next.

Luke Ponseti fitting a customerAt SAS Shoes in Clearview Mall, you can count on being served by a friendly and knowledgeable staff intent on your total satisfaction. Each day we strive to best serve our clientele and to introduce others to the expert craftsmanship and fine soft leather that are SAS Shoes -- America's favorite comfort shoes. Please come by and see us soon.